Guitar Picking Hand - Quick And Simple Tips To Further Improve Your Picking

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At this point, my opponent will be doubled over, off-balance and looking to straighten back up. As they try, I release the wrist with my right hand and trap the back of their right ankle. If I keep full wrist control, great, but I don't need it - their momentum in coming back up will help me. I drive my right shoulder into the inside of their right knee and push them over, keeping the ankle pick tight.

Here's an example. Place your first finger on the 2nd string at the 7th fret. Pick that note. Then, without picking again, slap your third finger down on the 9th fret of the same string. Your aim is to have both notes be at the same volume. You get a smooth transition (called "legato") between notes and your right hands gets to take a quick break.

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